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Our Products range from PDLC Smart glass to Laminating machines, From EVA films to Fabrics, and various types of glass cutting tools. Our Products are made using the best quality materials and standard industry practices

Type :Glass cutter of copper handle
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Weight : 0g.
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Material :

1. Shank is made of high quality aluminum alloy, hard enough.
2. Guide roller can run smoothly and match the glass edge tightly.
3. Blade is imported from Japan, can cut more than 90,000 meters.
4. Scale is carved or imprinted with cm.
5. Oil tank with a cotton thread, preventing oil leaking.
6. Exact, durable and nice-looking, and parts can be replaced easily.
7. There are six sizes of the length: 60cm/90/120/150/180/210cm.
8. Three sizes of cutter blade(cutting thickness): No Mark:2-8mm, T:6-12mm, S:15-19mm.