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Advanced Techniques For Glass Processing

Glass art dates back hundreds, if not thousands of years. Modern day glass art uses many of the same techniques as these ancient glass artisans. Of course, they’ve also added new techniques and skills to make beautiful glass artwork.

We at Continental Trading use the most advanced techniques for glass processing such as Sandblasting, Colors, Acid Etching, Fusing, Sumping, Cutting Grinding Polishing, Glass Bonding, Original Stained Glass etc.


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Spraying glass with special grit sand in a jet of air is known as sandblasting –gives the surface a translucent frosted appearance . heavy sandblasting can form deep sculpted contours in the glass.


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Glass can be painted ,or air-brushed with cold method with transparent or opaque colors, or with hot method in high temperature kiln

Acid Etching

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Glass surface is dissolved with strong acid wash to give it a translucent finish. It is the oldest technique used on glass since centuries


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Different glass pieces fuse with each other at 1472’F . the process is called fusing. Some metals can also be fused into glasses . fused glass may resemble to ice when backed with light.


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The glass is given shape,texture,curves using high heat resistant molds at high temperatures.

Cutting Grinding Polishing

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Glass can be cut,ground and polished to give shape,smoothness or texture.Italian diamond wheels are used modernly to give quality finish.

Glass Bonding

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Special ultra-violet glues are used to bond glass to glass with crystal clear finish.

Original Stained Glass

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A 900 years old technique with modern touch. Imported colour and textured glasses are soldered together with lead or brass channels.

Ice Etching

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Latest technique that engraves glass giving it an ice effect.

Satin White

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Unlike frosted glass,saten white glass has a white silky surface and is dirt-resistant . Is made with ancient French technique using modern methods.